Sustainable Project

Support from concept to operational strategies, this is what we deliver. We make a thorough preliminary analysis, we evaluate all factors that have to be considered for a sustainable project – scouting and evaluation of the location, brand name, type of management, optimal number of rooms, included facilities, and we come up with solutions that are meant to make the most of your property potential.

  • Location selection & Assessment
  • Marketing research
  • Feasibility study
  • Franchise/operator selection
  • Financing Assistance
  • Technical Assistance

Food & Beverage

Creating tasteful concepts and the right menu for F&B projects are essential ingredients in order to keep the interest of clients flowing. Simply said there is no substitute for appealing food or beverage to ensure the continuous flow of customers.
Our support will prove deliciously accurate from project development to the last line on the menu, including:

  • Concept development
  • Planning and design assistance
  • Branding and marketing plan
  • Menu engineering
  • Procurement
  • Management

SPA & Wellness

A place that is designed to the very last detail to create an atmosphere of well-being. A business that requires full understanding of the particularities of services, be it sports or relaxation. We offer 360 degrees consulting from theme and business plan to design and architecture and facility operations. We tailor solutions for spa resorts or small wellness centres.