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A potential alternative for a tourism master of business administration, with more advantages:
1. Obtaining two certifications – an Academy of Economic Studies postgraduate specialization diploma and the THR graduating diploma certified by the Ministry of Labour;
2. Having the possibility of obtaining the Tourism License;
3. Although they are scheduled for a whole university year, courses are concentrated on three periods of two weeks of lectures and applications and also a 70 day internship in hotels under the direction of THR tutors; during the six week classes, courses are held at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies building and also at THR, at the Ramada Plaza hotel (former Turist), on weekdays, starting at 04:30 P.M. and possibly on Saturdays;
4. The most important professional institutions in the tourism industry join their resources for the first time, having a great concurrence of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies teachers’ academically professionalism and the THR experts’ pragmatism;

5. The fee is equivalent to a single master of business and administration university year, which means 3.600 lei, and that can be paid in two installments ;
6. All materials and equipments costs needed for the practice in the school-restaurant are covered;
7. Once the study group is formed, the first convocation may start in October;
8. Abroad and Romanian acknowledged postgraduate diploma which is associated a certain transferable credit number.

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