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We provide planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project objectives while honouring the typical constraints: scope, time, quality and budget. The procurement route is based on one main general contractor.



We provide all technical and administrative management services on a multiple works packages basis, effectively planning and managing individual specialist contractors employed by the client, from initial bid stage of the project through to the certificate of occupancy and final closeout, ensuring considerable cost and time savings for the Client.

EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management)

We provide engineering, procurement and construction management services.
We manage the whole project from design development through to the specialist package contractors’ procurement to construction and final occupancy and close out. It helps to tap the already present competencies while ensuring better control over the project, it ensures a lower overall cost, less legal litigation and financing flexibility for the Client.



We deal with all commercial aspects relevant to the projects from their inception until completion. Our commercial management services consist of preparation of the construction agreements in line the project particularities and clients’ exigencies, preparation of contractual correspondence and bonds and insurances monitoring. We provide relevant, practical, fair and reasonable advisory services in support of our clients with the focus on the successful completion of the projects.



We have substantial experience to manage the design process using leading management tools and systems, with an emphasis on value engineering and mitigating inherent risk in design



We provide health & safety procedures and monitor the contractors on site to meet the legal requirements and to perform the construction works in a safe and sustainable environment.



We provide initial cost planning, forecasting, monitoring, management and reporting of the project budget in close relationship with the project programme and quality of works performed.



We undertake the full range of Procurement services: pre-qualification
questionnaires, contractor assessment & selection, produce tender documentation including bills of quantities, specifications, employer’s requirements, contract form and contract specifics, tender evaluations, negotiations and contract awards.



One of the most important responsibilities of construction project managers is the planning and scheduling of construction projects. Because every construction project is a unique undertaking, project managers must plan and schedule their work utilizing their experience with similar projects and applying their judgment to the particular conditions of the current project.



We follow the coordination between the execution and the project/beneficiary requirements and also the phases of execution to be in time with the project schedule; we follow the execution documentation elaboration and we verify the application of all norms and laws which are relevant for the project.