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Travelling can be arduous and time-consuming, as long journeys and disruption to routines take their toll. At the end of a journey, business clients expect to find facilities, such as a Wellness Centre, at their hotel. It enables them to relax and recharge their batteries, using physical activity as a means to stay active and alert. Tourists and sports-people look for operators that are able to respond to their needs no matter what the location: seaside or mountain resorts, city breaks, sporting venues or cruises.
A Wellness Centre is a high added-value investment for a hotel:

  • Client Attraction – satisfies clients’ need for a unique experience, high quality, safe training and improved lifestyle.
  • Secondary Spending – increase profitability by offering innovative room services such as personal training on demand and equipment for sale The hotel’s club can be even opened to external customers in order to increase profit.
  • Client Retention – becoming the first choice for people who wish to maintain a regular training program at all times.
  • New Meeting Point – offering a meeting point for people leading busy and active lives to relax, socialize and recharge.

Technogym® can transform the hotel gym into a Wellness Design space where hotel’s clients will be able to train as well as relax and make new friends. A beautiful environment with an inviting atmosphere that will give to clients a reason more to choose the hotel.
Technogym is the leading company for design and production of Wellness equipment with a technological leadership that is recognised worldwide. It has fitted over 35,000 Wellness Centres and hotels and has presence in more than 100 different countries around the world. With a complete range of products, software and services, Technogym creates the “Total Wellness Solution” for both business customers and private users.

But Technogym products are not just fitness equipment, are interior design elements, objets d’art, integrating perfectly in the best of hotels & spas around the world. The best example on this is the Kinesis Personal, Run Personal & Recline Personal, products that are designed by the renowned architect Antonio Citterio along with his assistant Toan Nguyen, which sing of style stitched together with innovation, introducing a new era of training happiness and wellness with finesse.

Romania is a very important international market and of course Technogym has strong presence in it. Living Well S.R.L. is the official distributor of Technogym in Romania and at the moment the company’s products can be found at Living Well’s headquarters: City Gate South Tower, 11th floor, 3-5 Piata Presei Bucharest 1 (Phone: +4021 3133208, Fax: +4021 3133209, Living Well will open soon a Technogym Store on Luterana Street, no. 2, Bucharest.